NLCA Donates to Mazol Patient Transportation Fund

February 4, 5 & 6, 2016 saw the Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association (“NLCA”) holding their annual meeting in Corner Brook with Mazol Patient Transportation Fund being their charity of choice.

Wednesday the 4th, was mainly registration and the day was highlighted by a snowmobile run.  Ill. Sir Roger Tinkham P.P. was instrumental in co-ordinating this snowmobile run which saw approximately 75  snowmobiles participating.

NLCA snowmachine ride 2016
(L-R) Ill. Sir Roger Tinkham PP, Nobles Robert Mercer & Lloyd Walters, Il. Sir Doug Rowe PP and Craig Borden (Rugged Edge)

The Long Range Shrine Club provided lunch for the adventure and all reports indicate it was a huge success. This lunch was co-ordinated by Ill. Sir Doug Rowe P.P.  and  Nobles Robert Mercer and Lloyd Walters.   The NLCA want to do it again next year!

Friday night was the Charity Auction and once again Mazol Patient Transportation Fund was the charity of choice.  The evening began at about 7:00 pm with dinner and carried on from there until roughly 12:45 am.   The auction raised approximately $36,000 and it was a great night for all.  Mazol members were on hand to assist with the evening. A big thank-you has to go out to: Mrs. Cecilia Padden for giving up her Friday evening to look after the financial end of things, and to Ill. Sir Roger Tinkham P.P., who was instrumental in arranging the evening.  The NLCA staff are a superb group to work with and if you ever have the opportunity to work with them, don’t hesitate.  Also, in attendance were Chief Rabban Rolly Card, Nobles Lloyd Walters & Tom Goulding, as well as, Ill. Sir Elmer Ryzuk.