Our Leadership

Potentate – 2020

Illustrious Sir C. Brian Peckford

Divan 2020

From Left to right: Michael Edward Bruce, Treasurer; Reginald Frederick Bowers, High Priest and Prophet; William S. Radford, Assistant Rabban; C. Brian Peckford, Potentate; Gerald W. Budden, Chief Rabban; Lloyd T. Collins, Oriental Guide; and William W. Smith P.P., Recorder.

Divan 2020 and Ladies







From left to right (back row): Ill Sir William Smith – Recorder, Noble Lloyd Collins – Oriental Guide, Noble William Radford – Assistant Rabban, Ill Sir Brian Peckford Potentate, Noble Gerald Budden – Chief Rabban, Noble Reginald Bowers High Priest & Prophet, Noble Michael Bruce – Treasurer

From left to right (front row): Lady Betty Jensen, Lady Ruth Collins, Lady Beverley Radford, Lady Cheryl Peckford, Lady Christine Budden, Lady Vyvyenne Bruce, Missing from the photo is Lady Rebecca Bowers