Shriner of the Year

Shriner of the Year for 2021  

Noble Donald Wayne Moores


It is with great pleasure that Mazol Shriners of Newfoundland and Labrador announces that the Shriner of the Year for 2021, is Noble Donald Wayne Moores of the Compass Shrine Club.

In 2021, Noble Wayne participated in the Ceremonial Divan for the Summer Ceremonial for which he had to arrange special transportation to get to and from the Shrine Centre. Noble Wayne has a medical condition that has left him confined to a wheelchair, but this has not deterred him as he attended every meeting the Compass Shrine Club held regardless of his condition. Several times he drove his wheelchair to the Glacier and back rather than miss a meeting – this shows absolute dedication to the Shrine and our Philanthropy.

In 2021, Noble Wayne served as chairman of the nominating committee for his club and filled a full slate of officers for 2022. He is a very valuable and respected member of his Shrine Club and has assisted in helping the Club get back to normal operations. Also, in 2021, he was again the key organizer of an extraordinarily successful Christmas at the Glacier. He did many shifts selling tickets and, when not selling was ensuring the schedule that he had developed was working correctly.

Noble Wayne is a very active mason and has been or currently is a member of the following:

  • Lodge Westmorland (mother lodge)
  • Affiliated with Lodge St. Andrew
  • Grand Lodge of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • District Grand Lodge of Scotland
  • Royal Order of Scotland
  • Shannon Chapter #1
  • Charles Moores Conclave
  • Beothuk Preceptory # 71
  • Terra Neuve York Right College # 184

He is a tireless worker for his Lodges, Shrine, Church, and family.

The following table gives a listing of the previous years’ Shriner of the Year

2021Noble Donald Wayne Moores
2019Noble Gerald F. Mayo
2018Noble Samuel Ralph Miller
2017Noble John Crane
2016Noble Walter Bennett
2015Noble Lloyd Walters
2014 Noble Max Downey
2013 Noble Hubert Hibbs
2012 Noble Alan Neil
2011 Noble Nigel Mercer
2010 Noble Ralph Cole
2009 Noble Reginald F. Bowers
2008 Noble Gerald W. Normore and Noble Everett W. Green
2007 Ill. Sir John H. Brake, P.P.
2006 Noble Donald R. Milley
2005 Noble Chesley G. Lambert
2004 Noble Charles C. Riddle
2003 Noble E. Lloyd Head
2002 Noble Abel Hughes
2001 Ill. Sir Herman A. Walters, P.P.
2000Noble John M. Bartlett
1999 Noble George R. Jones
1998Noble Eldred W. Warren
1997Noble J. Reginald Hopkins
1996 Noble Cecil C. Pelley