UPDATE: Mazol Shriners Presents Donation To Research at Shriners Hospitals for Children

Ill. Sir Roger Tinkham presented cheques (picture below) to the hospital Board for the Research Department towards the purchase of a Micro Mini CT Scanner.  Mazol Shriners of Newfoundland and Labrador voted to contribute $25,000 along with another $10000 from the Long Range Shrine Club and $5000 from Trinity Conception Shrine Club.


Mazol Shriners have just made a $25,000 donation towards the purchase of a special piece of equipment which will be used in the Research Department of the Montreal Shriners Hospital. This donation brings the total funds collected to about 50% of the approximately $490,000 required for the purchase of this equipment.

Learn more about the technology!

Microcomputed tomography is a technology that allows multiple, serial high-resolution X-ray images to be assembled in a 3D image using specially designed computer software.

High Resolution X-Ray Microtomograph

The equipment that the Research Department wish to acquire, through fund raising, allows for the collection of 3D images at regular intervals in the same living animal. This reduces experimental variability, ensuring better results with lower numbers of animals used.

The Research Centre of Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada has recently recruited Dr. Bettina Willie, Ph.D.   Dr.Willie has developed a technique using repeated 3D imaging to examine how bone tissue is formed or removed over time. She and her group are world-renowned leaders in research using in vivo micro-CT imaging.

This piece of equipment is thus critical to allow Dr. Willie to pursue her research. Since the methodology involves repeated sampling in live animals, the equipment needs to be installed within the vivarium of the Research Centre of SHC – Canada. There is no equivalent machine on the Glen Campus site. The equipment will be primarily used by Dr. Willie and her team but many other researchers at the hospital will also use it.