Stated Meetings

Committee made up of Noble Lawrence Pike, Noble Robert Barrett, and Noble Michael Bruce.

Written input received from Illustrious Sir Doug Rowe PP.

The committee was unable to arrange for a face to face meeting however we made do with a telephone conversation.

The following are the recommendations of the committee:

  1. Change the locations of stated meetings so that there are more meetings held outside of St. John’s.
  2. Consider moving the January stated meeting to November and having other stated meetings in April, July, and September.
  3. Have the budget presented and approved at a Fall stated meeting.
  4. Eliminate the necessity of reading minutes at stated meetings. Minutes are currently circulated to all Club secretaries with a request to forward to all that Club Nobles.
  5.  Use overhead projector to present budgets and financial statements.
  6. Use of teleconferencing or similar tool to bring our stated meetings to Nobles who cannot attend in person.