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“The success and generosity of Mazol Shrine Temple in Newfoundland and Labrador is well known throughout Shrine International as well as the general public. Though small in number, Mazol has a huge heart and that together with the hard work of the 10 Clubs throughout the Province in addition to the H.W. Duffett R V Park in Eastport, drives our Nobles to work tirelessly in support of the Patient Travel Fund, as well as funding fraternal and Temple operations. There is, however, the opportunity for the Temple to do some things better.” This is a statement taken from the Mazol Shrine Temple – Strategic Planning & Growth Committee – Terms of Reference which were developed in early 2015. From these Terms of Reference, the following is the objective and goal of one of six areas of review which is the guiding principles of this subcommittee on Transparency:

Transparency within Mazol Temple

Objective: To ensure that all transactions of Mazol are clear and available to all Nobles.

Mazol Shrine Temple and its Divan have a duty to work at being more transparent with the Nobility, so that all Shrine work and every financial transaction is clearly identified and fully understood by the Nobility. The use of a 3-5 year budget, possibly narrative in nature,should be investigated and introduced for use at Mazol Shrine Temple to assist with the goal of transparency. As well, Divan meetings could be held in areas where Club members may be welcomed to attend; and minutes of Divan, Quarterly Stated Meetings, and Annual Financial Statements could be circulated for the information of all Nobles. Potentate’s visits to clubs should continue to include question and answer sessions open to Nobles and Ladies.

Goal: To ensure we are able to provide and are providing the highest quality of open and up-to-the-minute financial and operational information regarding Mazol Temple to our Nobles and their Ladies.”


The objective of this working group is to put forward recommendations on Transparency – “To ensure that all transactions of Mazol are clear and available to all Nobles”.

‘Transaction’s is a key word in this objection so its meaning needs to be fully understood. From the internet online dictionary, ‘transaction’ is defined as:

1. a. something transacted; especially: an exchange or transfer of goods, services, or funds b. plural: the often published record of the meeting of a society or association

2. a. an act, process, or instance of transacting b. a communicative action or activity involving two parties or things that reciprocally affect or influence each other

From this definition, it can be understood that financial transactions should be considered. It also involves any communicative action involving two parties. In our case, between the Divan and the Nobility. Therefore, this review of the transparency within Mazol must include financial reporting and also information which will inform the Nobility of the working and strategies of the operation of Mazol Temple. Better informed Nobility will help ensure the success of the goal and objectives of Mazol Temple.

Areas of Transparency within Mazol Temple

When considering the “Areas of Transparency within Mazol Temple” consideration must be given to what information the Nobility requires so that they can be fully informed on the full operation of Mazol Temple because in the final analysis, the Nobility are the greatest ambassadors for Mazol Temple. The growth of Mazol Temple will, in the long term, depend on the work of the Nobility. In addition consideration will have to be given as to how this information will be communicated. This report will not only focus on the areas of transparency but also on the media by which communication can be made. It should also be noted that when communications are made to the Nobility, in actual fact, this information can also be made available to the general public.


The following are the recommended areas of information of Mazol Temple operations and reporting which should be available to the nobility:

  1. Strategies and Plans
    1. Mazol Temple long term strategies
      1. Temple operation
      2. Patient Care
      3. Clubs / Units operation (primarily developed by Clubs / Units)
      4. Membership
      5. Growth
      6. Stakeholder Involvement
      7. Divan Travel
    2. Mazol Temple 5 year plans to meet strategies
      1. i) Where does Mazol Temple see itself in 5 years from now (goals)
      2. ii) How will it get there
      3. iii) From the 5 year plan will come a yearly plan
      4. iv) The Nobility must be involved in the development of these goals by requesting feedback as goals are released
    3. Measurements of Strategies and plans
      1. i) Measurements of each goal must be determined so progress can be determined
    4. Feedback of measurements to Nobility
      1. i) Regular feedback given to Nobility to keep everyone on course
  2. Mazol Temple Financial Reporting
    1. a) Yearly Financial Report on Mazol Temple Operations
      1. i) Report on all financial aspects of Mazol
      2. ii) Report should give historical information so growth can be monitored
      3. iii) Report should tie into Mazol goals and the financing of each goal
    2. b) Mazol Temple 5 year financial plan
      1. i) Need to develop a 5 year rolling financial plan based on Mazol goals
    3. c) Mazol Temple yearly budget
      1. i) Developed on year 1 of 5 year financial plan
    4. d) Feedback of performance to yearly budget
      1. i) Give detailed breakdown of last year’s expenses so performance can be monitored
    5. e) Reply to specific request for financial information as required
  3. 3) Communicating Mazol Temple information
    1. a) Media to be used for each area could be
      1. i) Mirror
        1. (1) 5 year Mazol Temple Plan (including Financial goals)
          1. (a) One page summary given in each issue ii) Web site (1) 5 year Mazol Temple Plan (including Financial goals) (a) One page summary given in each issue iii) Quarterly communications (1) Update on Yearly plan and budget iv) Annual communication (1) Update on yearly budget and Plan (2) Present plan and budget for next year (3) Give updates required in 5 year Plan and Financial Plan v) Divan visits to Clubs / Units (1) Update on Yearly Budget and Plan (2) Review Clubs / Units Plans and Budget vi) Nobility attending Divan meetings (1) Given an opportunity to ask any and all questions b) Table showing areas of transparency and how communicated Overall Guiding Principle This plan will not address any issues without the dedication and commitment of senior leadership and the membership as a whole. Regular review and revision must also be considered as essential to the future success of Mazol Shrine Temple.