Our Leadership

Our Potentate – 2018

Illustrious Sir Paul Rose

Ill. Sir Paul Rose was born in St. John’s. He attended Gonzaga High School, and graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing. Throughout his working life he held a variety of positions in Marketing and International Business Development. He was Canada’s Senior Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo , New York. He has served as Executive Director of the Newfoundland Seafood Market Council, Director of Marketing for the Provincial Department of Fisheries, and a Senior Market and Trade Officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs. Paul retired from the Federal Government in 2014.


He is an avid golfer, has represented the Province on numerous occasions in National Bowling events, and has played on a number of championship baseball teams in the St. John’s Senior League.


He joined the Masonic Order of Freemasons in 2007, as a member of the Saint John’s Lodge; and was initiated as a Mazol Shriner in 2011, joining the Divan in 2014. Paul is looking forward to serving the nobility of Mazol Shriners.


He and his lady, Sharon, have created a slogan for 2018 entitled “Where Healing Meets Happiness” and are excited to continue to help bring more smiles and less pain to the faces of our Shrine children.

Paul and Sharon have two boys, Michael and Colin, and their pet dog, Casey.

   Mazol Shriners 2018 Divan

L-R: Ill. Sir William Smith P.P, Recorder, Noble Robert Tucker, Oriental Guide, Noble Brian Peckford, High Priest and Prophet, Noble Robert Barrett, Chief Rabban, Noble Dave Pike, Assistant Rabban and Noble Mike Bruce, Treasurer. Seated, Ill. Sir Paul Rose