Shriner of the Year

Shriner of the Year for 2016 – Noble Walter Bennett

Noble Walter Bennett was nominated by the St John’s Shrine Club. Listed below is an overview for Noble Walter’s accomplishments throughout his Masonic, Shrine and Personal Career.

While this is a very impressive list of his achievements, it does not even begin to tell the story of the dedication and service given by Noble Walter. At the recent preparation for a Christmas Parade, as others observed, the comment was made about Noble Walter –  ” that man works like a Trojan”. This was while he was getting the float ready for the Parade. After the Parade he was the lead behind having “soup and Toddies” for those in the parade. He puts extra effort in at every opportunity.

As Social Director for the St John’s Shrine Club for the past few years, Noble Walter has been instrumental in helping turn the Club around. He almost single handed revived the New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance to the now SOLD OUT events. Every meeting he makes arrangement for meals or refreshments, picking up supplies, cooking and serving.

The key in this, as with all things he does for Shriners, is that he never needs to be asked – he is always the first off the mark, volunteering that he will take care of this or that.


Born on Bell Island Nov 19th.  1939

Married for 52 yrs to Pauline (Picco), with two children Stephen and Lisa

Joined the RNC at age 18 and rose to the Rank of Inspector. (Retired)

Member RNC Veterans Association

Active at Church – St Mary’s the Virgin

Joined the CLB, attained the rank of Sergeant and was a drummer in the CLB Bugle Band


Joined Cliff Lodge #3694 in Feb. of 1978

Passed on May 5th 1978

Raised on June 3rd. 1978

Went thru all the offices and became Master of Cliff Lodge in 1996.

Holds the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer for GLNL.

Member of Shannon #9 (chapter), Member of Beothic #71 (Preceptory)

Mazol Shrine Temple

Initiated – November 16, 1985

Marshal at Potentate Installations ( 10 years)

St John’s Shrine Club:

Past President 1992

Board Social Director 2015, 2016

Member Kitchen Crew – very active

Active with Annual Children’s Christmas Party

Oriental Band:



The following table gives a listing of the previous years’ Shriner of the Year

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1997Noble J. Reginald Hopkins
1998Noble Eldred W. Warren
1999 Noble George R. Jones
2000Noble John M. Bartlett
2001 Ill. Sir Herman A. Walters, P.P.
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2003 Noble E. Lloyd Head
2004 Noble Charles C. Riddle
2005 Noble Chesley G. Lambert
2006 Noble Donald R. Milley
2007 Ill. Sir John H. Brake, P.P.
2008 Noble Gerald W. Normore and Noble Everett W. Green
2009 Noble Reginald F. Bowers
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2011 Noble Nigel Mercer
2012 Noble Alan Neil
2013 Noble Hubert Hibbs
2014 Noble Max Downey
2015Noble Lloyd Walters
2016Noble Walter Bennett