Shriner of the Year

Shriner of the Year for 2017 – Noble John Crane

It gives Mazol Shriners of Newfoundland and Labrador great pleasure to announce Noble John Crane as its 2017 Shriner of the Year!

Proudly nominated by the Trinity Conception Shrine Club, Noble Crane has been a true and faithful Shriner of Mazol Shrine of Newfoundland and Labrador for many years. Since he has joined, Noble Crane has never shied away from commitment. His dedication to the cause of helping children, whether it be calling BINGO, selling tickets, Shriners Auction, or any of the worthy causes, Noble Crane is first to offer his service. In 2016 Noble John Crane was made a Life Member by the Nobles of the Trinity Conception Shrine Club, at over Eighty (80) years old Noble Crane still regularly attends his club meetings and participates in all fundraising activities. In presenting this award, Noble John Crane is being recognized for his lifelong contribution to the Shrine.

The presentation of the award was presented at a dinner held by The Trinity – Conception Shrine Club in Honour of Noble John Crane . The dinner was held at Lodge Carbonear, Masonic Avenue, Carbonear on Saturday March 10, 2018.

Below is a brief overview of Noble Crane’s accomplishments from a lifetime of dedication to Church, Fraternity, Community, Province, And Country.

 Brother/Noble John Crane:

Born: Upper Island Cove on April 7th of 1935.

Married for 60 years to Lady Leah. Proud parents of 6 children, Cheryl, David, Edith, Rosalind, Joan & Mark

Elected to the Town Council of Upper Island Cove in 1963

Elected as MHA for the district of Harbour Grace in 1989, re-elected 1993

Active at Church and has served on Vestry and numerous committees – St Peter’s Anglican Church

Active Member of the Loyal Orange Lodge for Sixty-Five (65) Years, joining Glencoe Orange Lodge at the young age of Seventeen. Served as Worshipful Master of his Lodge, Provincial Grand Master of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Canada.

Active Member of Lodge Harbour Grace No. 476 G.R.S.C, the second oldest Scottish Masonic Lodge in Newfoundland and Labrador, and has served as Master of this Lodge.

Active Member and Passed president of Trinity Conception Shrine Club. Joined on Nov.16th 1991. Recommended by the late Ill. Sir Edwin H. Janes P.P.



The following table gives a listing of the previous years’ Shriner of the Year

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1997Noble J. Reginald Hopkins
1998Noble Eldred W. Warren
1999 Noble George R. Jones
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2001 Ill. Sir Herman A. Walters, P.P.
2002 Noble Abel Hughes
2003 Noble E. Lloyd Head
2004 Noble Charles C. Riddle
2005 Noble Chesley G. Lambert
2006 Noble Donald R. Milley
2007 Ill. Sir John H. Brake, P.P.
2008 Noble Gerald W. Normore and Noble Everett W. Green
2009 Noble Reginald F. Bowers
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2013 Noble Hubert Hibbs
2014 Noble Max Downey
2015Noble Lloyd Walters
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2017Noble John Crane