Shriner of the Year

Shriner of the Year for 2018 

Noble Samuel Ralph Miller

It gives Mazol Shriners of Newfoundland and Labrador great pleasure to announce Noble Samuel Ralph Miller as its 2018 Shriner of the Year.

Noble Ralph was proudly nominated by the Gander Shrine Club, a club he has been a member with since 1986. He was club president in 1997 and has been a member of its Board of Directors on several occasions. He is a member of Gander Club Shrine Clowns Unit and he started the Club’s Motorized Parade Unit. He has participated in local community parades and even one in Happy Valley. He has participated in the yearly TV Fundraising Auctions. He is presently the Club’s Chaplin and a member of its Board of Directors.

Noble Ralph is the Gander Shrine Club’s Patient Co-Ordinator. A position he has held since 2001. While in this position he played a huge part in arranging for the initial Mazol Patient Outreach Clinic being set up in Gander, with the first clinic being held in June 2003. He arranged for the initial construction and erected a sign outside the hospital identifying Shriners Clinic inside.

These worthwhile clinics continues to the present (15 years later). The clinics are held by a visiting doctor from the Montreal Shriners Hospital with the purpose of seeing new and existing Newfoundland and Labrador Shrine Kids.

Since the initial Outreach Clinic, Noble Ralph has made sure that all was in place for each outreach clinics. This included meeting the doctor and assistant from Montreal at the airport, as well as returning them to the airport when the clinic was over. He has also coordinated with other nobles from the Gander Club and others to assist patients and families when arriving at the Gander Hospital as well ensured a Shrine presence is displayed.

In 2006, Noble Ralph was appointed Mazol Patient Chairman, a position he has held to the present. In 2018, he was presented with Emeritus Status for Patient Co-Ordinator.

The Mazol Shriner of the year was presented at the Annual Installation Dinner which was held at Holiday Inns in St. John’s on January 26, 2019. Noble Ralph was accompanied by his Wife, Lady Mabel.

Below is a brief overview of Noble Ralph’s other involvements and accomplishments.

  • Born in Portugal Cove, NL on September 27, 1939.
  • Ralph & his wife Mabel have 4 children, one son and three daughters. They also have 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
  • Certified Journeyman Automotive Mechanic 1960.
  • Had a wide range of working and teaching experiences both in St John’s and Gander.
  • Joined Airway Masonic lodge in 1983 and held various positions. He was Master of Airways Lodge in 2015.
  • A member of the Gander Kiwanis Club.
  • A member of the Red Cross — Emergency Response Team. He was involved in the 911 emergency in Gander and the Badger Flood Disaster.
  • A member of St. Martin’s Cathedral.

He loves travelling, sailing (has owned 3 sail boats) and curling.

The following table gives a listing of the previous years’ Shriner of the Year

1996 Noble Cecil C. Pelley
1997Noble J. Reginald Hopkins
1998Noble Eldred W. Warren
1999 Noble George R. Jones
2000Noble John M. Bartlett
2001 Ill. Sir Herman A. Walters, P.P.
2002 Noble Abel Hughes
2003 Noble E. Lloyd Head
2004 Noble Charles C. Riddle
2005 Noble Chesley G. Lambert
2006 Noble Donald R. Milley
2007 Ill. Sir John H. Brake, P.P.
2008 Noble Gerald W. Normore and Noble Everett W. Green
2009 Noble Reginald F. Bowers
2010 Noble Ralph Cole
2011 Noble Nigel Mercer
2012 Noble Alan Neil
2013 Noble Hubert Hibbs
2014 Noble Max Downey
2015Noble Lloyd Walters
2016Noble Walter Bennett
2017Noble John Crane
2018Noble Samuel Ralph Miller