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Annual Installation and Stated Meeting Comfort Inn Airport – St. John’s January 15 - 16, 2016 Schedule of Events Friday, January 15th 8:00 p.m. Chief Rabban’s Night Mazol Shrine Centre (Club Dress and Fez) Saturday, January 16th...

This is a letter that the Petetant received recently from the Montreal Hospital Please review and give it your consideration.

This is a letter which the Potentate Ill Sir Doug Beattie want to share with Mazol Nobles.

Work has been proceeding on Mazol Strategic Planning and an update can been seen by clicking the new button to the left called 'Mazol Strategic Planning 2015' or by clicking the following: Potentate Letter Nov. 2015

In support of Mazol Shriners Patient Transportation Fund, the Mazol Shriners Presents a Musical Christmas Concert on Dec 6, 2015. Chick here for more details.

Mazol Divan under the leadership of Ill. Sir Doug Beattie and in particular our Membership Chair, Assistant Rabban, Noble Rolly Card have been working hard on developing Mazol's Membership Growth Plan. Attached are two documents which is the result of their work. These are being made available to Mazol Nobility for their review and comment. 1)

The next 2 upcoming events:

Chief Rabban’s Night
Mazol Shrine Centre (Club Dress and Fez)

Annual Installation and Stated Meeting
9:00 a.m. Annual Meeting Comfort Inn Airport (... read more

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